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Anthony Llewellyn

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Anthony is a founder of AdvanceMed. A Consultant Psychiatrist with extensive medical education and medical human resources experience.

Anthony has served over 12 years in various Managerial and Directorial roles, including 4 years as the Medical Director of the Health Education & Training Institute and recently completed a guide into Best Practice for Selection of Trainees in to employment roles for the Royal Australasian College of Physicians.

Anthony is an expert in Medical HR. He has reviewed numerous CVs, chaired and conducted over a thousand job interviews and provided advice to a number of employers and Colleges about selection processes. 

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Medical Trainees

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International Medical Graduates

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Anyone Who Has Had Difficulty

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Anyone Wanting to Ensure Success

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AdvanceMed is an initiative to provide career advice, planning and preparation among postgraduate medical trainees in Australia, created by a team of doctors with a strong interest in transitions in medical training.

Our feature event is a one-day intensive workshop, which covers various aspects of the specialty training application and interview preparation.

 Our personalised services for doctors-in-training include:

  • Career advice
  • Resume & other document services
  • Online 1-to-1 Interview Coaching

Apart from individual clients we have been sought out for assistance by a number of organisations, including:

  • Royal Australasian College of Physicians
  • Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists
  • NSW Ministry of Health
  • Western NSW Regional Training Hub
  • Mid North Coast Local Health District



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Why choose AdvanceMed for your Doctor career services?


Our Expert Has Coached Hundreds Of Individual Doctors In the Job Interview Process And Knows What Cuts Through


Our Focus Is Providing Services Which Link and Integrate Across the Job Selection Process


We Have Helped Hundreds of Clients Get the Results That They Wanted

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Why Put Your Next Interview Success to Chance?

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Unlimited Access to All the Learning Materials

Go over all the lesson material at your pace. Skip ahead. Come back and revise later.

Over 2.5 hours of Video Lessons

Anthony walks you through the entire process from researching, to preparing, to practicing, to question frameworks and of course on the day

Plenty of Examples

Examples are used in context to help explain the concepts covered.

As Questions At Any Point

Use the in built comments to ask a question at any point. See answers to previous questions.

Absolutely No Quizzes!

To slow down your learning.

Special Bonus Lessons

Where Anthony takes you through concepts in extended form.

Specific Lessons for Consultants, Trainees and IMGs

We show examples relevant to where you are in the career process.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Should the course not deliver on what you need. We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Access to Discounted Coaching

Upon Succesful Course Completion. Unlock Access to Discounted Coaching Rates.

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Most frequent questions and answers

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all of our courses.

We simply ask that you try them out and make a genuine effort to engage with the content first.


If you know that you will be interviewing for a particular position we ideally recommend that you start preparing for this about 12 months in advance.  This will give you time to identify and address any current capability gaps by, for example undertaking specific training or experiences.

If you are already planning on interviewing for a position then we recommend you commence your interview preparation and practice at a minimum of 6 weeks out from the interview.

For clients attempting the college assessment for the specialist pathway, it is our experience that most clients take about 3 months to collect the information required for the application.  It generally takes about a month or two to conduct the interview following submission of the application.

We focus on quality and results.  We find particularly during the middle of the year there are many requests for coaching.

Typically we have an availability for around 50 ongoing clients at any particular time.

We coach across Australia & internationally. So in general, we are not coaching more than one or two clients going for a similar position in a similar location.

If however, we find we have more than 2 candidates applying for the same program we may choose to decline any future requests in the interests of our existing clients.

We are happy to answer them.  Feel free to email us at


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