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Dr Kevin Peek
Cardiothoracics Trainee

I applied for the two years for surgical specialty training with good CV and reference scores but was let down by interviews both times. My confidence was low. If I had used AdvanceMed before I would probably be in training already.

Dr Felicia Ton
Respiratory Medicine Advanced Trainee

Anthony was incredibly helpful in my interview preparation. I learned skills that will continue to be useful in future. I would highly recommend the interview skills course as a resource for any trainee. I wish I had done this earlier!

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The ongoing training and coaching by Advance Med and Dr Anthony Llewellyn in particular is very helpful. They provide a professional approach and individualised in nature. It is specially invaluable for doctors to get a clear picture of how to approach registration, job search and other requirements.
Dr Sunita Singh
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Most frequent questions and answers

If you are on this page you are probably seriously considering coaching.  So the answer is a likely yes.  You don’t need any prior training to be a coachee.  Just a preparedness to listen and commit to the process.

For the majority of candidates, a few sessions of coaching will dramatically accelerate their performance as a candidate.  As well as reducing any anxieties or concerns.

You really just need a PC or laptop with a reasonable internet connection.  Zoom technology is very reliable.  To date, we have had no major disruptions.

For added benefit, we do suggest you spend 15 minutes testing the application beforehand and have handy a set of earplugs with microphone for added audio quality.

Rarely our coaches may have to reschedule appointments.  If this is the case there will be no additional cost to the coachee.

If you are unable to make a coaching session. Please contact us as soon as possible.  We will endeavour to rebook you another appointment. We cannot make any guarantees of rebooking to meet certain deadlines (e.g. interview dates).

Should you frequently cancel or cancel within 48 hours of a coaching appointment we reserve the right to charge you the full price of the coaching session.

Once paid for a coaching session or package expires after the agreed number of coaching sessions have occurred or after 2 years from purchase.

For job interviews we find on average most candidates do well with 3 to 4 sessions spaced about 1 to 2 weeks apart.  A few may choose to do an additional session which can be arranged.

For college interviews we generally find 2 to 3 preparation sessions is sufficient.

Coaching sessions can be used for other purposes, such as going over your resume or demonstrating approaches for finding job opportunities.

Yes and Yes.  We have an evergrowing bank of questions.  We are also happy to use any particular questions you may want to practice.

And if during the session you want to ask particular questions of the coach about the process then that is also fine.

If you know that you will be interviewing for a particular position we ideally recommend that you start preparing for this about 12 months in advance.  This will give you time to identify and address any current capability gaps by, for example undertaking specific training or experiences.

If you are already planning on interviewing for a position then we recommend you commence your interview preparation and practice at a minimum of 6 weeks out from the interview.

For clients attempting the college assessment for the specialist pathway, it is our experience that most clients take about 3 months to collect the information required for the application.  It generally takes about a month or two to conduct the interview following submission of the application.

Once you complete your payment you submit us your current CV or resume and fill in a questionnaire. We then work to provide an initial redraft.  You will have up to two opportunities to request edits or changes.  Depending on the nature of your current CV and the information provided we may need to contact you by email for more information or set up a quick call.

Our CV work is based on around 2 to 3 hours of expert CV writer time. 

We reserve the right to quote a larger fee based on more extensive CVs and work history.  If this is the case and you decline we will gladly refund you in full.

You are ultimately responsible for the accuracy of your CV or resume. 

We take no responsibility for any errors or negative outcomes that may occur with any job application you make using our CV and resume writing service.

Please be aware that this service requires your input to ensure we have the sort of content needed to make a Stand Out CV.

If you are able to provide this information electronically this will greatly assist us. If we find that we need to interview you to obtain this information this may incur an additional cost.

We use a CV builder software to develop your CV. This software produces a CV in PDF format.

Our service does not include ongoing amendments to CV or Resume.

We keep your CV on file for up to 12 months.

CVs can be stored for longer upon request and payment of a fee.

Additional updates to CVs incur reasonable fees.

If you would prefer to maintain your own CV you can purchase a plan for the CV builder and we can develop the CV for you on your own plan. ​​

We focus on quality and results.  We find particularly during the middle of the year there are many requests for coaching.

Typically we have an availability for around 50 ongoing clients at any particular time.

We coach across Australia & internationally. So in general, we are not coaching more than one or two clients going for a similar position in a similar location.

If however, we find we have more than 2 candidates applying for the same program we may choose to decline any future requests in the interests of our existing clients.


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